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An eventful first week

We are closing in on the end of Week 1 and thus far the delegation's has been studious attending 3-4 seminars a day with topics ranging from Hospital Facilities Design to US Healthcare Systems to Billing and Reimbursement Methodologies for Hospitals + Physicians. Throughout the week, the group has sampled various cuisines such as Japanese sushi, sub sandwiches, pizza, and of course, Chinese Szechuan! In the evening, the delegation has either been resting and socializing or perusing the nearby Inner Harbor. Here's to a great first week! We're all eager for the weeks ahead.

Waiting for their daily shuttle to class.

Taking in the sights of the Inner Harbor.

Resting in the middle of a leisurely, bayside walk.

Japanese sushi for dinner.

A snapshot from the welcome dinner, a great evening of steak, salmon, pasta, and toasting.

Walking around the Inner Harbor.

An afternoon tour of the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Posing during the welcome orientation in front of Davidge Hall.

Part of dinner from the welcome reception.

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