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Event Hosting

The staff at AMGE has the experience and expertise to host, promote and/or assist with an event or conference that seeks to promote collaboration in the field of medical research, administration, and/or practice. 


Check out the blog here or read the History section under "About Us" to read more about past events. Click on "Contact Us" with any questions or proposals. 

Relationship Development

With its expansive network, AMGE is committed to connecting people in similar fields to mutually enrich the practices and theories of each respective party. 


Transcending borders, AMGE desires to see collaborations occur on a global scale to represent the voices of many. 


See the "Country Advisors" section to see where relationships are already budding. 

Support Services

AMGE believes that one of the most effective way to learn from others is to walk a mile or two in their shoes. That's why we passionately encourage the use of international travel to empower the learning and cooperative process. 


Read more about past AMGE delegations here

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